Who We Are

Extreme Ride 4 Hunger is a Meals on Wheels Northern Cape initiative started
to raise awareness to the plight of the poor, and to create a hunger free society.

Who We Are & What We Do

Our goals and how you can become a part of this adventure.

There are always ways for anyone to make a contribution and to play a part in improving the lives of the less fortunate in our beautiful country.

We can make a difference by playing our part, no matter how small.


Our main aim is to raise awareness, by doing so, we recognise the problem we have and we can take action to make the changes we need to help those in need.


We hope to get more sponsors involved by either making a donation or sponsoring their products and or service Whatever it is your company or organisation can do to give back to the communites will assist in creating a hunger free South Africa.


All funds and services are directed at the communities most in need of assistance, and also to create programs which facilitate community upliftment.


Cyclist who take part play an extremely vital role by creating excitement around the tour, making more people, especially the younger generation aware of the need to start caring for others.


Without Our Cyclist, Support Team, Sponsors and Donations, the Tour Would Not Be Possible.

Thank you to everyone who contributes selflessly to this initiative. Bless you…

News & Events

Event Sponsors

We is continuously busy throughout the year in preperation for the following year. We invite any sponsors, donation so we can conitnue to improve the tour for everyone

Info Pack

All relevant information you need to know to get involved or take part in our Extreme Ride4Hunger to be held in March of 2024

Impact Report

An indication of what the Extreme Ride4Hunger does and how it impacts on creating awareness and community involvement for the last Cycle Tour in March of 2023

Latest News

The latest news and event announcements and any information that is current and relevant to the previous tour and the next in 2024

Radio Interview

Rachel Kolisi Interwiew 2019

Rachel Kolisi cycling 1075km in aid of Meals on Wheels 6 March 2019 6:35 AM Rachel Kolisi is currently cycling 1075km from Kimberley to Cape Town as part of the Meals on Wheels’ Extreme Ride for Hunger Cycle Tour. Kieno Kammies chats to her on day 4 of this journey.

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