8th Annual Extreme Ride 4 Hunger Tour 2024.

Johannesburg - Kimberley - Cape Town

Extreme Ride 4 Hunger Cycle Tour
"Be part of the adventure and make a difference."

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Here are things for sale new used and all else. Proceeds go towards helping charities achieve part of their non profit goals.

Extreme Ride 4 Hunger 2024 The year Ahead

When and where

Extreme ride 4 Hunger Tour 2024 will include our new route. Johannesburg to Kimberley and then on to Cape Town ending on the friday before the Cape Town Cycle Tour.

Sponsors, Donors, Volunteers

We always looking for sponsors, donations and voluteers. If you feel you could play your part in any of these please contact us to assist in any way you can. All contributions in any way is always welcome.

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Extreme Ride 4 Hunger - Past Tours

Extreme Ride 4 Hunger was started in 2016.

An initiative in association with Meals On Wheels South Africa, Cycling for a purpose, to raise awareness for the plight of the poor.

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